sumpix: Is this all your writing? I'm impressed with 'Chapter 8: The Constant Struggle in Understanding Oneself.' You look to young to have sussed that out; but you sound as though your talking from experience. Have you fooled me? Is this just youthful wisdom of surmise, from watching on the sidelines as others fuck up.

Thank you for your kind words. I am 26; so I am not so young that I haven’t been around the block a few times. I wouldn’t say that Chapter 8, or very much of my writing overall, is derived from observing others as much as reflecting on my own life. 



Our Humanity Lost to Technology

Technology. Progress. Matters that often coincide with the evolutionary trajectory humanity. It is no doubt that the world that I was born into hardly resembles the one in which I find myself today. Our society praises the expedited technological procession of the past decades as wondrous proclaiming that it is bringing us closer together and enabling us to live happier lives.

But perhaps our relentless drive to see over the next horizon has prevented us from understanding the direction we were heading? Has what once promised our salvation from the pains of our reality merely chained us in gilded cuffs? 

Technology promised to bring the expansiveness of the human experience to our homes and provide us the avenues to become ever more connected and build more relationships. But perhaps what we failed to realize is what we are truly seeking cannot be found wrapped in the pale blue arms of flickering screens and our emptiness cannot be filled through vast libraries of over-compressed music, B-rate movies, and the latest supernatural thriller. Increasingly, we devote our time to building our ‘followers’ and messaging our ‘friends’, unable to pull away or satisfy our hunger to find something meaningful, to make a true connection, to let someone know that 'I am here, I exist, I matter, and this matters to me.' 

To believe that technology is the definition of humanity’s progress would suggest that we, and perhaps all life, are merely cogs is a mechanized evolution of particles forever trapped in the world material.

But we are not machines. Life is not about mobile device or a social account.

Life is about finding those ever-more-rare, meaningful moments that we spend with each other sharing stories, telling people our deepest thoughts about ourselves, and feeling like you impacted someone else (in more than 140 characters). But these interactions scare most. Technology has sheltered us, made us feel safe behind our profile pictures, and made us forget how to be human. This age has bred horror stories (some deserved) of the dangers of the real world and physical proximity to other people. Its not empowered our voice, but restrained it, fearing that repercussions of your ‘brand’ being tarnished on your laboriously built social networks. Technology has fed us the illusion that it is never safe to go outside, we should fear reality, and all of the needs of humanity can be met in front of a blue screen. 

Maybe the reason we spend so much time questioning ourselves is that we have been too afraid to leave the door and discover who we really are.