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"Your grace I found perched upon soft lips."

"I would devote my life to beauty.. If she would only let me"


Crest over earth and sand

Upon Sheer heights, fowl breeze

Livid, rolling tide she calls

Shackled and chained back to sea

Gasping for breath

Grasping for ethereal hand

Before struggles nye to settling

Turning my back to the sun

"We devote our time to building our ‘followers’ and messaging our ‘friends’, unable to pull away or satisfy our hunger to find something meaningful, to make a true connection, to let someone know that ‘I am here, I exist, I matter, and this matters to me.’"

Scott Graham - Modernology.Tumblr.Com

Our Humanity Lost to Technology

Technology. Progress. Matters that often coincide with the evolutionary trajectory humanity. It is no doubt that the world that I was born into hardly resembles the one in which I find myself today. Our society praises the expedited technological procession of the past decades as wondrous proclaiming that it is bringing us closer together and enabling us to live happier lives.

But perhaps our relentless drive to see over the next horizon has prevented us from understanding the direction we were heading? Has what once promised our salvation from the pains of our reality merely chained us in gilded cuffs? 

Technology promised to bring the expansiveness of the human experience to our homes and provide us the avenues to become ever more connected and build more relationships. But perhaps what we failed to realize is what we are truly seeking cannot be found wrapped in the pale blue arms of flickering screens and our emptiness cannot be filled through vast libraries of over-compressed music, B-rate movies, and the latest supernatural thriller. Increasingly, we devote our time to building our ‘followers’ and messaging our ‘friends’, unable to pull away or satisfy our hunger to find something meaningful, to make a true connection, to let someone know that 'I am here, I exist, I matter, and this matters to me.' 

To believe that technology is the definition of humanity’s progress would suggest that we, and perhaps all life, are merely cogs is a mechanized evolution of particles forever trapped in the world material.

But we are not machines. Life is not about mobile device or a social account.

Life is about finding those ever-more-rare, meaningful moments that we spend with each other sharing stories, telling people our deepest thoughts about ourselves, and feeling like you impacted someone else (in more than 140 characters). But these interactions scare most. Technology has sheltered us, made us feel safe behind our profile pictures, and made us forget how to be human. This age has bred horror stories (some deserved) of the dangers of the real world and physical proximity to other people. Its not empowered our voice, but restrained it, fearing that repercussions of your ‘brand’ being tarnished on your laboriously built social networks. Technology has fed us the illusion that it is never safe to go outside, we should fear reality, and all of the needs of humanity can be met in front of a blue screen. 

Maybe the reason we spend so much time questioning ourselves is that we have been too afraid to leave the door and discover who we really are.


"When I look at you, there is a settling that, despite all this uncertainty, breathes a quick reprieve of the duty and expectation. This is how I know of Love."

Scott Graham - Modernology


The sound of the undying dawned by heavy breath

For an longing increment

We paused in step

Sand between our toes

-Scott Graham Modernology

"The most honest truths are a moment’s fleeting."


From all that is Left?

What is left to be conquered than the degraded kingdoms of a thousand passed generations? What is left to be desired but the dreams not yet dreamed? What world is left to be solely ours when the one that shall be inherited down is fractured, divided and dilapidated by the whims of untrained minds, untempered wills, and the thrusting of swords irrespective of victim?

As a species, we always speak to our advancements and achievements in the fields of technology. But perhaps, that those steps have been the catalyst for the unforeseen consequences of mental and moral disintegration. The most complex forms of expression and communication are derived from the simplest tools and technology. True greatness in our time is measured in followers and not in life’s work. Masterpieces no longer come from years of tedious labor but from the contexts of one hundred-forty characters or less. Expression, beauty, and art have become commodities, and exoneration has been bestowed to those who can package the simplest message, in the simplest method, for the simplest person.

And within those parameters, is there any room for wisdom, any hope for enlightenment, any reprieve from the grips of maddening chatter of disqualified discourses? If not, then there is no drive to build anew, to realize our dreams, and to repair this reality that has so-far looked unkindly to our reluctance to accept that conscious high-intelligences are exceedingly rare and a natural blessing. We squander our divine gift each day we stray from the path of intelectual discourse and feverous inquisitiveness and pseudo-realities of a digital society.

From all that is left, how do we rediscover and reconnect with our humanity? How do we find ourselves within the darkness? How do we manage?

How do we move-on?


"Fragile hearts shatter, dreams vanish, and the surroundings that were once forgotten come rushing back, plunging us with curled-hand back, deeper into the unabating dark."

Scott Graham - Modernology ‘Chapter 4: The Artificial Self’

"Quiet waves fall on shore; the evening’s goodbye still dry on her lips."

Onto Us

By the sweetness of chance

or by the glory of being

partitioned the soul onto the mind

and life onto meaning

Given by the proof

of the immaculate realms

being sight, sound and time

together is world

from darkness to light


"Let us lay sleepless; lost in this dream called reality"

Scott Graham - Modernology


Though I do not know you, I feel you.
Though I cannot see you, I am with you.
Though no words have ever been spoken,
not a whisper has ever been needed.

What we share in this life is precious. It is collective. It is beautiful.

It is this journey and our course. And though I do not know the destination and the path at times is torturous and clouded from sight, I put aside my fear and carry on knowing that you are with me.


Scott Graham - Modernology

The Malice of Humanity or Something Else?

  1. Is it by design that humans seek destruction of oneself or one another? Or do these malicious, sometimes violent episodes result from something not-imposed by sickness, but as a cry for help in the most rash of pretext? There are two fundamental areas in which I would counter voices pointing directly to human mental health. First, is one based on society. Our culture is one absorbed with addiction and dependencies  Our medicated states of nature bestowed upon us due to medical and pharmaceutical practitioners promising ‘cures’ for ailments. But what we confuse these ‘cures’ with are truly just masks for the symptoms of a deeper infliction. The majority of the time, these underlying issues are not caused by birth but my serious malfunctions of a depraved society— One that collectively sees life expelled with little hope of grand achievement or intellectual profoundness. Locked into a constant reality of pressures, restraints, classes, work orders, and mine numbing tasks only briefly broken my senseless, ignorant media and entertainment, we are left with little time to pursue the things that truly make us human— thought, art, expression, and relationships. It fundamentally makes us feel disconnected from humanity, the world, this life, even existence entirely. And it is that feeling of being caged and alone that is insurmountable and leads to over medication or sometime violent or malicious tendencies.
  2. The second area involves the concept of soul and how one’s life is guided and manipulated existentially or astrally. Both of the concepts deserve their own discourses  which I will continue to author as I truly wish to do everything justice at the best of my abilities and seasonings

-Scott Graham Modernology

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